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Mark   1987                                         Luke   1998

Luke Miller has joined up with his father Mark Miller to carry on their 35-year tradition of big game hunting based from their wilderness fly in lodge.  Both father and son are long time bush pilots accumulating thousands of hours flying in the Alaskan wilderness.   For hunting they utilize a Cessna 180 and Piper Super Cub.


Area we hunt…


All our hunts are based from our wilderness “Talaheim Lodge” which is located 80 air miles west of Anchorage along the eastern slopes of the Alaskan Range.  We reach the lodge by wheel plane landing on our private strip.  This is one of the only places in Alaska you can hunt Brown, Black, Grizzly, Moose, and Dall  sheep all in the same trip.     The hunting terrain surrounding  Talaheim Lodge has hundreds of miles of salmon filled streams and rolling hillsides packed with fall berries…perfect habitat for brown bear and black bear.   Our  rivers meander through tundra bogs and boreal forests providing great habitat for moose.  Flying more westerly into the  Alaskan Range is where we find our sheep.



Talaheim Lodge 

Although our hunts are “based” from our comfortable Talaheim Lodge, little actual hunting is conducted from the lodge.   Our tent camps are comfortable, dry, and portable.  We camp in the area that you are hunting moving as the game moves.   Talaheim Lodge is a nice place to return to every few days to gear up for the next hunting adventure.   After arriving at Talaheim Lodge you may fly or boat out to the area we choose to hunt.









Alaska Brown Bear Hunting, Alaska Moose Hunting – Talaheim Lodge