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“Alaska Hunting” is dedicated to providing our clients an experience of a lifetime. All of our hunts are based from our hunting lodge located along the eastern slopes of the Alaskan Range.

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Alaska Hunting

“Alaska Hunting” is a small hunting guide service based in the Alaska Range. Owner, Luke Miller Registered Guide and Commercial Pilot and a small staff of guides is what we consist of. At maximum we take 8 hunters a year, quality not quantity is are motto. Most of my hunters return on multiple different adventures. My fleet of Aircraft include a Cessna 180 and a Piper Super Cub. With are wide range equipment we can match your hunt with the right equipment on your ability to get around. The country we hunt is very diverse, camps from sea-level to 4,000 feet. At and around sea-level the land is thick. In some cases we use tree-stands. Expect no longer than a 100-yard shot on a Brown bear or Moose. Up close and personal you will find yourself leaving your binos behind. For instance you and your guide will cross a salmon filled creek, on the other side you will find a fresh salmon flopping on the bank with its head missing. The wind plays a big factor when hunting bear in dense country. As we move by bush plane from the main lodge at approximately 1200 feet the  opens up. In these camps you can spot animals miles away. In general the higher up you go the easier the walking gets. The highest we have boats located is around 1500 feet. For the most part everything above 1500 feet we rely on aircraft and are feet to get around.

Five reasons why to hunt with us
1. Over 30 years of guiding experience in Alaska
2. Luke Miller owner/pilot with over 14,000 hours of safe Alaska commercial flying experience.
3. Aircraft onsite or at the main lodge for easy relocations or emergencies
4. Comfortable main lodge with hot showers, flush toilets, and wifi.
5. Comfortable stand-up out-camps customizable to meet your needs with good food, cots, chairs, and heat.

Alaska Moose

Moose season takes place from August 20th through  September 25th.

Alaska Brown Bear

Brown/Grizzly Bear season is from mid-April through October.

Alaska Caribou

Caribou season is from August 10th through September 30th

Hunting Lodge and Camps

About an hour flight from Anchorage is usually your first stop, the main lodge at Canyon Creek.

Alaska Fishing

In the surrounding river systems all five species of Pacific Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Grayling, and Arctic Char

Our Hunts Are Fair Chase

Many of our hunters opt to take multiple species in one hunt. If you come with the right attitude and hunt hard, you’ll have success and memories to last a lifetime.
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A trip of a lifetime! Luke and his team really know what they’re doing. I went  on a Moose hunt with a Friend and we both got Moose. The fishing and stay at the lodge was an added bonus at the end. A trip to remember. Thank You!

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