Brown Bear

At the main lodge the bears are classified as Brown Bears and when you move to a spike camp ten miles north they are classified as Grizzlys. We hunt about a 30-mile radius from the main lodge. The average bore we take is eight to nine 1/2. 

Fall season, when you think of Alaska you think of salmon. Most of our hunting for brown bear is done around the salmon streams. Late at night and early in the morning, the big bores come out and gorge themselves on salmon. The right place at the right time is all you need.

Up high the bears are scavengers and are more classified as grizzlies. They are eating caribou, moose, squirrels, berries and grass. You will see lots of animals up high. Many bears you simply can’t catch up with or intercept. It is all about finding the right one moving in the right direction. If they find a big blueberry patch, they will stay put for hours.

Our spring  Brown Bear season is from April 1st through April 15th.  We travel by ski plane and snowmachine. We look for bears coming out of their dens, spot and stock.  Temperatures can range from ten below at night to fifty above during the heat of the day. There are many hours of daylight so sunblock is a must. With the right weather this can be a wonderful, rewarding hunt.

Our Spring pre-summer hunt is from June 10th through June 20th and the snow is gone at this time. We have options, tree stands, baiting or spot and stock. Hunting hours are at night  when the temperature is cooler. The sun is out 24 hours this time of year and the bears like to be out when it’s cool. We travel by airplane and Jet boat.

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