Brown Bear

Regarding the bear classifications, at our main lodge, the bears are classified as Brown Bears. However, when you move to our spike camp ten miles north, they are classified as Grizzlies. Our hunting activity covers a radius of approximately 30 miles from the main lodge. On average, we take bears ranging from eight to nine and a half feet in size.

 During the late summer and into our fall season hunting for brown bears is predominantly centered around the salmon streams. Late at night and early in the morning, the big boars come out to gorge themselves on salmon. Finding the right place and the right time proves essential for a successful hunt.

 Up in higher regions, the bears are more classified as grizzlies. They have a scavenger alimentation regimen, feasting on caribou, moose, squirrels, berries, and grass. This area offers abundant wildlife, but it can sometimes be challenging to catch up with or intercept the bears. The key lies in tracking down the right bear moving in the right direction. If they stumble upon a bountiful blueberry patch, they are likely to remain in that area for several hours.

 For our spring Brown Bear season, which runs from April 1st through April 15th, we utilize ski planes and snowmachines for transportation. We specifically target bears coming out of their dens and employ a spot and stock technique. Temperatures can vary from ten degrees below zero at night to fifty degrees above during the day. The extended daylight hours make sunblock a crucial necessity. Under favorable weather conditions, this hunt can be a remarkable and rewarding experience.

 In addition to our spring season, we also offer a spring pre-summer hunt from June 10th through June 20th. By this time, the snow has melted. We provide you with options such as tree stands, baiting, or spot and stock. The hunting hours usually take place at night when the temperatures are cooler. Given that the sun remains out for 24 hours during this period, the bears tend to be more active in the cooler conditions. To access the hunting areas, we use airplanes and Jet boats.

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