About Us

Second generation owner, registered guide and life-long Alaskan Luke Miller, grew up running the rivers and exploring the Alaska Range at his family’s hunting and fishing lodge. He’s been hunting and fishing since he could stand. At fourteen years old he started learning to fly with his father and obtained his commercial pilots license at nineteen. Luke’s passion for flying throughout the Alaskan wilderness has been unwavering, logging 14,000+ hours
of flight time. With the amount of time he’s spent running the rivers, exploring the forests and flying the skies above, Luke has gained knowledge of the land and where to find animals.

Alaska Hunting is dedicated to providing our clients an experience of a lifetime. Our two aircraft, boats, and camping equipment are constantly maintained to be in top working condition. Safety is our number one goal and with our knowledgeable guides you can be assured our effort in seeing that each hunter gets the best opportunity for the animals they sought.

Although it is impossible to guarantee every client an animal, we have an exceptionally high success rate. Many of our hunters opt to take multiple species in one hunt. If you come with the right attitude and hunt hard, you’ll have success and memories to last a lifetime.

Contact Us

Email: luke@alaskahunting.net
Phone: 907-830-4968
PO Box 220483
Anchorage, AK 99522